Better projects

Our vision is to reduce the time spent for costing, LCC estimation and carbon-footprint estimation, so much that it becomes possible to perform these tasks in all the stages of a project.

Result? Better decisions and better projects. 

Common to all use cases is that you can do the first calculation with fairly little effort, and with high accuracy. Then you can continously improve the estimate as the project developes.

How? By the combination of 65 building templates for project types according to prevailing standards and the construction industry's most recognized database as used in the Calcus method.

"A good cost estimate adds value to the project on several levels. I recommend exploring every single one actively."

Frank Roberg CEO, Bygganalyse

A systematic approach to early stage cost estimation

A good cost estimate is a perfect analysing model for additional purposes such as the LCC-module with expected lifespan, annual costs and maintenance activities for all construction parts including all cost types such as preliminaries, insurance, fees, etc.

Switch to the carbon-footprint mode and you will see the project's carbon footprint. Optimize emissions and see the impact on costs and LCC. You can also study the weight of all structures and the entire building.

Ready to plan contract strategy? Then you need to reorganise the cost estimate on trades, find out the size of the various contracts and design your strategy.

A good cost estimate also have an important  "rest value". It gives you up to 2/3 of the complete building specification items with applicable standard codes, units, quantities, and text in our specification software. The cost estimate also give you a pre-calculation plan for further analysis, ready for resource calculations and production.

Driving BIM. Every day

Calcus was a BIM pioneer in Norway, and the development has progressed ever since. In 2014 Calcus is used for BIM cost estimating every day around the country. Continued improvements are achieved through frequent input from our customers.

BIM: Magic or hard work?

A poor BIM can be used, even if you have to spend more time organize the model yourself.

However, by improving the information in the BIM, you will acheive a much better cost estimate from Calcus.

BIM: one connection for multiple purposes equal time saved

Remember, if you have connected the cost estimate to the BIM, the carbon footprint and LCC analysis are also connected to the same BIM. 

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