• PeaNuts

    PeaNuts is our flagship product for MicroStation and offers a lot of different time saving functions:

    • draw/construct according to a predefined CAD setup
    • place text and annotation according to plot scale
    • change existing graphics to standard by two clicks
    • print to both paper and viewing files, one by one or in batch
    • maintain symbol legends, libraries and menus
    • easy revision of drawings


    Over the years PeaNuts has developed into a de facto standard within the Oil and Gas industry. PeaNuts is highly configurable and very easy to adjust to suit your needs. Amongst many functions, PeaNuts provides:

    • complete CAD setup (Norsok and construction)
    • simple configuration on different configuration levels
    • an easy way to organize/maintain symbol libraries.
    • dynamic generation of libraries and configuration files for cell placement
    • an easy way to create your own pulldown menus through text files
    • a simple batch processor
    • an easy way to print to both paper and viewing files - everyone prints using the same settings

    With PeaNuts your project members will share the same cad setup, print drawings the same way and deliver high quality drawings.

  • PubEdit

    PubEdit gives you the ability to create hyper linked pdf files from MicroStation (dgn) or AutoCAD (dwg) files. The hyperlink gives you a shortcut to documentation inside engineering register.

    PubEdit can be used for more than just P&ID. Use PubEdit to check and report tags in the drawing. Export tags to csv file and use them as tag verification against your database. Of course, PubEdit can do a database check for tag and report any mismatch.

    PubEdit can also create hyper linked off-sheet connectors for you pdfs. Just one click on the off-sheet connector and you have the other drawing.


    • Generate hyper linked pdf files with links to engineering register
    • Report all tags to text/csv-files
    • Direct inquiry to your engineering register from pdf-drawings
    • Quality control of P&IDs and other drawings with tags.

    PubEdits features is still expanding. It is now possible too:

    • scan both dwg, dgn and pdf documents
    • batch report pdf-files with more than 2500 pages and with jobs larger than 100.000 pages
    • hyper link existing pdf-files without need of dgn/dwg source.
  • IsoDim

    IsoDim is an intuitive and user friendly application to place isometric dimensions and out of plane hatching.

    IsoDim offers:

    • isometric text and symbols
    • out of plane hatching, both from one or two planes
    • tools to modify existing dimensions
    • simple setup to control the representation
    • an option to maintain several parallel setups


  • RasterEdit

    RasterEdit is an application that lets you edit monochrome raster files inside MicroStation. The formats supported are: TIFF and the Intergraph formats CIT and RLE.

    RasterEdit offers:

    • a number of ways to erase raster graphics
    • moving and copying of raster graphics
    • mirroring and rotating of raster graphics
    • rotation and warping of the raster file
    • pixel inversion (black to white or the other way around)

    Note that users do not need ISYCAD RasterEdit to view or print files edited by RasterEdit. MicroStation takes care of this internally.

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