Iceland looks to Norway and NoIS

Never so wrong that it is not good for anyone: Despite the financial crisis five years ago that led Iceland into economy crisis, it also forced the Icelandic to new markets

Published: 2014-07-03

The financial crisis in 2008/2009 affected the economy in several European countries, and the effects are still felt in some places. Despite the fact that most of the Nordic countries got away easily when the financial crisis hit in 2008/2009, Iceland was hit much harder and was practically bankrupt.
Icelanders are now back on track and on their feet. An important part of the country's reconstruction process has been delivering engineering and contractor services to Norway. Several of the largest Icelandic engineering firms, as well as a number of architects and contractors, have seen new opportunities in an attractive and large construction market in Norway.

Through establishment and project collaboration with Norwegian companies, Icelandic companies deliver more than 30 percent of their services to the Norwegian market.
Norconsult Information Systems (NoIS) has seen opportunities to get into a new market abroad, and Icelanders have welcomed NoIS with open arms.

Doubled sales

Nois have had clients in Iceland since 2000, but has in the recent years seen a considerable increase in software sales. To meet the new challenges in the Norwegian market, the Icelandic companies invested in the necessary software packages ISY Calcus and ISY G-prog Beskrivelse. Calcus is useful for cost estimating and analyzes during the design stage. ISY G-prog Beskrivelse is used by the vast majority of consultants and architects to create tender specification documents. An early stage cost estimate made in ISY Calcus can also be imported and used as a basis for the tender specification.

Customized training

With new software follows the need for proper training. Good knowledge of the software is an important prerequisite for delivering quality projects and documents.

Considering that Iceland has only 320,000 inhabitants, the number and size of the Icelandic AEC companies are relatively large. The companies Manvit, EFLA, Verkis and VSO Colsulting, each with between 60 and 400 employees, is one of the most important. All companies have invested in software from NoIS, and had customized training in their own premises in the capital Reykjavik.

Employees in Norway

The consulting engineering firm Verkis is using the software  ISY G-Prog Teknikk (Concrete, Steel), ISY G-prog Beskrivelse with  BIM and Process Code as well and ISY Calcus.

- We have received training in all products we use and our staff have been very pleased with these courses, says engineer and Project Manager Guðmundur Þór Birgisson.

- We got our first assignment in Norway in 2009, and since then the business and the number of projects has grown rapidly. Today we have about 40 agreements in Norway, and more than 120 of our employees have been working on Norwegian projects in recent years.

Verkis has an office, in Oslo, as well as employees working on projects in Stavanger and Bergen.

In total, more than 80 Icelandic engineers trained in the use of ISY G-prog Beskrivelse ISY Calcus. The interest and enthusiasm has been great. It is clear that the opportunities that opens up for those who master these programs are highly attractive.

In addition to training new customers, the Icelandic engineering association Verkfræðingafélagi Íslands invited NoIS to a large public seminar for its members and the turnout was overwhelming, with over 50 interested listeners. It is obvious that the Icelandic engineers see opportunities in Norway.

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Geir Johansen
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