ISY CAD Rebar in Sweden

Today, short deadlines, good cost control and high quality delivery is alpha and omega to survive in the intense competition in the building sector. Without efficient tools and workflows, it is almost impossible to survive.

Published: 2014-07-07

Especially modelling of concrete structures and production of rebar drawings and schedules is an exigent task where errors can give huge impacts. For years, Norconsult Informasjonssystemer, NoIS, have provided good rebar solutions on several CAD-platforms. While we start working on the Autodesk Revit-platform a natural part was be partner with an already existing Revit resource centre. In 2012, NoIS and Cad-Q signed a technical collaboration which results in ISY CAD Rebar for Revit; - a reinforcement solution ready for the Nordic marked.

Full control

With ISY CAD Rebar for Revit it is now possible to model and produce rebar drawings in only one application; - Revit. Since the whole workflow is within one application the source of errors will be reduced. The user will have full control on pos numbers, steel qualities and dimensions used in the project. It is quite easy to reuse the data and also modify them if needed. Schedules can be produced with a few clicks and also be adjusted to meet the projects requirements.

ISY CAD Rebar supports Revits existing workflow for defining and production of building drawings. Due to predefined parametric Revit-families it is easy to represent the different shape codes.

Distribution agreement

NoIS have distribution agreement with both CAD-Q and NTI CADcenter. The agreement with Cad-Q is special since it implements ISY CAD Rebar as a part of Naviate Structure, CAD-Qs add-in to Revit. Of course, ISY CAD Rebar can be bought and used as a standalone plug-in for Revit.

This OEM-agreement with CAD-Q gives existing subscription-users access to ISY CAD Rebar and also new users will get ISY CAD Rebar while buying Naviate Structure. The OEM-agreement is legal in both Norway and Sweden from November 2013.

To Sweden

CAD-Q is the largest vendor of Autodesk related products for CAD in Scandinavia. NoIS is proud that CAD-Q has chosen ISY CAD Rebar. Due to the OEM agreement, ISY CAD Rebar is now released in Sweden. Of course, Rebar is modified to suite Swedish rebar standard, shape codes, steel qualities, drawing layouts and schedules. It is quite easy to switch between Norwegian and Swedish templates.

We have asked Per Ole Otterness in Cad-Q about how their customers notice the collaboration with NoIS.

- ISY CAD Rebar is implemented as a part of CAD-Qs add-in to Revit, Naviate Structure. ISY CAD Rebar complements our solution and we are finally able to provide the marked rebar possibilities in 2D and also use 3D rebar to generate drawings and schedules. The nice thing is that everything happens in Revit – it is not necessary to use an external rebar application.

Did ISY CAD Rebar need a lot of modifications to suite the Swedish standard?

- Yes, it was necessary to implement the Swedish standards. Even though Norway and Sweden is neighbours, there are significant differences between Norwegian and Swedish rebar drawings. Both standards are now implemented in ISY CAD Rebar / Naviate.

Do you have customers in Sweden?

- The Swedish adaption is relatively new and therefore, most users do use traditional tools for rebar drawings. However, more and more use Revit for rebar drawings – the company Tyrens is one of the arrowheads in this area.

How good is ISY CAD Rebar received?

- ISY CAD Rebar has been very well received. The industry has waited long for a solution to create rebar drawings within Revit. The last 'barrier' for using Revit is now removed and the constructors can now save lots of time and money it only one application; - Revit.

ISY CAD Rebar is quite simple even for new users. Direct contact with supporters and developers makes the user able to get quick feedback and even get fixes and improvements in the application.

- ISY CAD Rebar feels like a good and solid solution, Otterness round off.



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