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NTI CADcenter and AutoDesk are now working together with NoIS to publish ISY CAD ImportPDMS for AutoCAD. Finally, oil and gas contractors world over can import PDMS-models into AutoCAD Plant 3D for model reuse and detail design for a significant reduce of time and cost.

Published: 2013-10-09

An important premise to be successful as CAD-vendor in the plant marked is to have an interface to PDMS. The AVEVA system is in most situations a de facto standard for large companies. Through a common strategy, NoIS, NTI CADcenter and Autodesk, have now a solution ready for the marked: ISY CAD ImportPDMS.


With ISY CAD ImportPDMS users of AutoCAD Plant 3D can now import PDMS models, use them as reference and reuse both graphical and specification data for further design in Plant 3D.

- In modification project with existing PDMS models, this solution is outstanding, Halvor Jensen, CEO in NTI CADcenter, explains. As a leading resource company for Autodesk product in Scandinavia, NTI CAD center is a good partner for NoIS.

- Often, modification projects can be done both easier and at a lower cost with AutoCAD Plant 3D, Jensen explains. – With our unique solution for conversion, both sub-contractors and others which is not familiar with PDMS can create the design in AutCAD Plant 3D. In most situations, this is both appropriate and profitable solution.

Jensen expresses great opportunities with the co-operation with NoIS. Especially now, when NoIS creates a converter from AutoCAD Plant 3D to PDMS. With both converters, a PDMS model can be imported to AutoCAD Plant 3D, modified and the exported back to PDMS. Not only the 3D geometry will be included, but also all of the elements properties and specification.

- Of course, this will make the whole solution more interesting for the plant marked, says Dag Austrheim, sale manager for plant solutions in Autodesk EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa).

- AutoCAD Plant 3D is both cheaper and easier to work with, Austrheim explain. - In addition, it is also easier to train new users and also easier to find skilled AutoCAD engineers rather than PDMS.

On behalf of Autodesk, Austrheim believe that our converters to and from PDMS will be an important part for Autodesk to be a larger CAD vendor for the plant marked, both in Norway and rest of the world.

The converter from PDMS is not the first PDMS converter NoIS have created. We also have converters to and from MicroStation and PDMS. The knowledge from these converters has been used for the new converter for AutoCAD.

Technically, our converter splits a PDMS rvm-file into AutoCAD dwg-files pr PDMS zones. The dwgs will contain graphical PDMS elements, PDMS specification and also PDMS layer structure.

Included in the solution is ISY CAD Review; - an AutoCAD application that display PDMS hierarchy and specifications in the converted dwg-files. Through ISY CAD Review you can search for components, highlight elements and choose which elements to display.

Both ISY CAD ImportPDMS and ISY CAD Reviw can run on standard AutoCAD 2012 to 2015.

- We have huge expectation to the collaboration with NTI CADcenter and Autodesk, Ole Magne Kvindesland says. Kvindesland is COE for CAD section of NoIS.

- The marked is large, and I think we all can benefit from the new converter solutions. NTI CADcenter is an ideal partner to help us reach the Nordic marked. At the international marked, Autodesk will promote our solution and connect us with customers and distributors, Kvindesland round off.


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Ole Magne Kvindesland
V.P CAD Systems