Scan portal for point clouds

For years, the survey unit in Aker Solutions have used NoIS' point cloud portal to give their employers access to scan data (point clouds) on the web.

Published: 2013-11-08


Our point cloud portal is based on Leica's TruView web application. A TruView is a combination of point clouds and photos merged together to a 360 degrees panorama images. In addition to rotate and zoom in the image, you can also measure distances and add comments to points.

During our collaboration with Aker Solutions, NoIS have created a lot of improvements for the portal. Several visual improvements have been done, for instance a new key plan with view location and view direction. In addition, NoIS have implemented support for point cloud downloads from the portal. Since point clouds are really huge, often a gigabyte or larger, it is quite important that the downloader can handle such files. It is important to handle interruptions and verify that the file is correctly downloaded. Our solution also handles point clouds on different servers on different locations with a central administration.

- We have huge benefits from NoIS TruView Portal, Georg Gaard explains. Gaard is leader for the survey unit in Aker Solutions. – Especially it is good that both external and internal users easily can get point clouds from the portal. In addition, our surveyors can get master grid easily via TrueView Portal.

Øyvind Olsen, software developer in NoIS, is the man behind the solution. Olsen explains that it has been both challenging and exciting to create the solution. – The TruView Portal interacts with different technologies and they all speak together. For download, the Portal uses the metalink standard. Both Adobe Flash, Worldkit, different web services and Oreacle database has been used to create this successful solution.

Gaard explains that the collaboration thought the development of the portal have been good for both NoIS and Aker Solution. Both testing and suggestions have made the product as good as it is today. – We are really satisfied with the result. The TruView Portal is an excellent tool for data sharing. We already have new ideas for functions we want to develop on collaboration with NoIS, Gaard round off.

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Ole Magne Kvindesland
V.P CAD Systems