ISY CAD Rebar for Revit

ISY CAD Rebar – a complete 2D + 3D reinforcement solution for Autodesk Revit

Published: 2013-11-01

isy cad rebar for revit

Finally – a complete reinforcement tool inside Revit

ISY CAD Rebar is fully integrated within Revit and handles everything from rebar placement to schedules. This means that several tasks can be solved within the same tool; - from architectural modelling to detailed rebar documentation.

Plan, cross section and 3D

ISY CAD Rebar can be used as traditional 2D rebar production but can also handle 3D rebars generated with Revit Structures tools. ISY CAD Rebar uses the 3D rebars for generating schedules and pos number list. In that way, ISY CAD Rebar can also be combined with 2D rebars, if prefered.

Follow the Revit workflow – and you have the choice

You can follow the workflow which is recommended for modelling and production of detail drawings with 3D rebars.

Nevertheless, you are not locked into that workflow. If you prefer, you can do a 2D detail drawing with accompanying schedules.

The system will fit your needs in the specific project; - not the opposite.

Professional schedules

Schedules can be provided in both MS Word and pdf format. Since the schedule templates are defined in MS Word, it is quite easy to modify the template to suite your projects or company defaults.

ISY CAD Rebar can be tweaked

Information about steel quality, rebar mandrel, rebar diameters and other settings can be defined for each projects or company. As default, ISY CAD Rebar follows Norsk Standard and includes shape codes from them. Of course ISY CAD Rebar can be tweaked to meet your requirements for reports and design of drawings.

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